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VRILology Exposed!

New Jersey Lawyer, New York Cultist Seek to Revive Kevin Alfred
Strom's Career League Of American Patriots Purges Sexually Normal, Plans Reunion

5/14/2008 10:22:23 AM

Garfield, New Jersey -- When convicted pedophile Kevin Alfred Strom is released from prison this September, one short, wiry attorney may be standing there with flowers and cake.

Alexander Carmichael, an attorney from Garfield, New Jersey who has described himself to members of his inner circle as "the next Adolf Hitler", has spent the past few months rebuilding Strom's National Vanguard, calling it the League of American Patriots, reuniting its members, holding meetings, planning a Strom "welcome home" party, and purging old National Vanguard leaders who objected to the molestation of children. Working with him is New York City cult leader Bob Blumetti, a longtime Stormfront contributor who dresses in Star Wars "Sith Lord" costumes while worshipping the "earth mother" Freya, part of a religion he calls "Vriloology".

According to long time associates of Kevin Alfred Strom, who left him when the charges of pedophilia became known, Carmichael, who has been involved with Strom and the National Alliance since at least 2002, began approaching white activists in the New Jersey and New York City area last year, uniting the old National Vanguard New Jersey unit, then branching out to absorb former National Vanguard units in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

As his first step, Carmichael purged Rich Lindstrom, the long time, twenty plus year leader of the National Alliance and National Vanguard chapter in New Jersey, and an outspoken opponent of Strom's pedophilia, having been the first to resign from the National Vanguard board when the child porn allegations became known. Others who agreed with Lindstrom quickly got the boot, as did Keystone State Skinhead leader Keith Carney, whom Carmichael described as "too criminal" and "too working class".

Strom, the former leader of National Vanguard, is serving a twenty three months sentence for manufacturing and possessing child pornography on his home computer. Others in his group were believed to be complicit, but only one, the former leader of his Boston unit, was ever charged with sex crimes against children.

After purging Lindstrom and his supporters, Carmichael built an alliance with other Stormfront contributors, including Blumetti, using long time Blumetti cult member and National Vanguard member Patty Rainsford as a go between, and Erick Wiegel, whom Carmichael has
ordered to raid messageboards with pro-Strom messages and propaganda.

Blumetti is the author of several pseudo-Odinist books, including Baldur Rising, and worships a New Age version of ancient Norse religion, placing Freya and the "the earth mother" as the central figures of worship, replacing Odin, the sky father, Thor, and the other male gods. In photos on his website:

Blumetti is shown wearing a Star Wars "Sith Lord" costume overlaid with a red life rune on white background. Those who know Blumetti say he shares Strom's "artistic" and "school boy" love of teenage and pre-teen girls, and featured prominently in photos on his website is a young teenage girl that an associate of Blumetti's say he has a crush on.

Carmichael and Rainsford have reached out to other white activists, particularly at American Renaissance, where Kelso, who had never met Rainsford before, reportedly asked her to marry him to help conceal his homosexuality.

"I've reached an age where it just doesn't do not to be married,"Kelso, who had never met Rainsford, is reported to have said to her,"I have plenty of assets, and you wouldn't actually have to sleep with me."

During AmRen, Carmichael also met with Jared Taylor and Don Black to seek support for his project, and is reported to have struck a deal to be the official heir of the National Alliance and the Strom legacy.

Carmichael's plans, though, have recently been derailed by a series of allusions made on this website's blog and on Vanguard News Network, where a number of Carmichael's followers had been implementing an internet plan to "discredit" our publisher Bill White and the American
National Socialist Workers Party. Using a "secret" website messageboard, since shut down, the group had coordinated a smear and slander campaign they felt would "neutralize" White. White responded by hinting he knew more of their plans than they had thought.

The result has been a paranoid campaign against their own members, accusing activists of being "Bill White assets" and claiming they are being monitored by "informers" wearing "Zionist lapel pins" that have the power to record their voices and instantly transmit them to the FBI and Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv.

The paranoia has alienated the group's few normal members, driving several away and compelling several, who has never previously contacted this website, to approach us as the "natural enemies" of the Carmichael group.

However, Carmichael's activities were well known outside their inner circle before anyone involved in the League had been expelled. Information leaked to the anti-Kevin-Strom legal forces late last year, and reached us through other members of Stromfront's "Sustaining
Member" section as well. An anonymous "press release", apparently sent to numerous white activists two weeks ago, also provided additional details, including Carmichael's home address and phone number, the name of his wife, and his career and educational background. Carmichael is a Princeton graduate and formerly worked for a firm defending insurance companies against claims. When contacted, his former employer laughed when told he had started a "neo nazi" group and said they were not surprised.

The only unknown in the League of American Patriots equation is the depth of involvement of John Justice, a Chicago factory owner and long time supporter of white activism who has bankrolled Kevin Alfred Strom's legal defense, but has no overt ties to Carmichael's organization. Justice, a former associate of Revilo Oliver, denied any involvement in Carmichael's group in a phone interview last week.

Regardless of recent set backs and the "exposure" of his work, Carmichael seems intent on reorganizing the Strom group, allowing only those who have not objected to Strom's pedophilic instincts to participate, and uniting with Blumetti's strange cult religion to form a "new approach" that he believes will catapult him to supreme dictatorship over the United States. While his organization has not been formally introduced to the public, he has received a receptive
audience from white nationalist leaders like Don Black and Jared Taylor, and appears to be the focus of their latest efforts to regain their relevance to the white racial struggle.

Follow up: After this piece was published on in May of 2008, Robert Blumetti immediately re-organized his cult, reverting back to its original name, "The Church of Balder Rising," in a desperate opportunity to shield his activities from public scrutiny. Its web site can still be found at the URL provided in this post, which reads"Church of VRILology" on the top of the screen. Blumetti has repeatedly tried to cast himself in the mold of L. Rob Hubbard, a man he deeply respects and admires; he often urges his dwindling, handful of followers to "pray to the gods for lottery winnings," so that Blumetti may buy a castle in Europe and begin building the sort of anti-gravity devices (Nazi UFOs) necessary to cleanse the world of the non-Whites he claims to loathe, despite the fact that he is a swarthy dwarf of a man (5'2?") whose phenotype betrays his supra-European ethnic pedigree. He can be seen here wearing his characteristic "Sith Robe" (yes, he actually bought it at a costume store):

Alexander Carmichael responded to the article above by immediately filing a laughably baseless, hand-scribbled lawsuit against editor and currently incarcerated political prisoner, William White.

The handful of social misfits that Carmichael has gathered under his "Leage of American Patriots" banner is dissolving rapidly and the web site has been forfeited in favor of a free blog ( due to lack of financial support.

Lacking charisma, inclined toward extreme paranoia, and tarnished by associations with eccentric New Age cultists like Blumetti and pederasts such as Kevin Alfred Strom, Carmichael continues to sink into ever-greater obsolescence.